ASA Graphic Arts LLC is a Graphic Arts / Printing expediting company. Andrew Kabasakalian is the proprietor and has been in the prepress business for 46 years and an active Amateur Radio licensee for 41 years. The opportunity to bring a product to market that answered a hobby need was more than could be resisted.

The water proof log book was the result of the combination of a Synthetic Paper Manufacturer needing sales support literature, and a weekend QRP canoeing adventure that rendered a paper log useless! It was like a Milk Truck and a Cookie delivery vehicle collision. “I saw the need and the source. Or more plainly, the source impedance and the load impedance were perfectly matched”. Hence, a small quantity of Log Books were made, and then disappeared with little to no marketing effort!

In the spirit of sharing a great idea, ASA Graphic Arts LLC is now making the Water Proof Log Book available to all who find the need to log contacts while out in the elements. In the process of bringing the Amateur Radio Log to life, additional Industries and markets are becoming evident,, so additional Water Proof Booklet Products will be developed.



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